Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update om Aigulia

If you have just started reading this blog, some of these posts may seem out of the blue, but for those that have become part of our experiences, I am sure the updates will be appreciated.
We had friends from Lamb International go over to Central Asia a few weeks ago, and were there for David and Jayne's last week. We send with them many envelopes for lots of different people. Sergei and Anya have been busy looking after some of these for us. I receive regular updates from Anya, and included with a report is always the photo for our records.
One of the envelopes was for Aigulia. She is the mother of 5 that had a lot of work done at her house by the youth team from Norwood. Before we left we decided to sponsor this family for $100 a month, and we had the next two months for her. There was a condition on this sponsorship... she could no longer work 80 to 100 hours a week at the orphanage....for free... as much as they need the help, she needs to take some time to reconnect with her own family and help them transition back into being a family again after spending so long living in the orphanage. We also had a feeling that there were some health concerns . We have had the family to the Dr and have them on vitamins now, as well as monitoring some other health issues... One of her concerns is that she has had a sore neck, and now is experiencing pains in her legs as well as servere headaches that even cause her to throw up at times. Anya has made arrangements to start bringing her into an excellent osteopath in the capital city that Julie went to while we were there... I am sure that there will be a cost associated with this, but Anya knows that we could never leave someone in pain when something could be done. We are just so thankful that means are available to us to help at this time. It is times like this that we stop and realize some of the things in life that we take for granted... something as simple as a pain killer would otherwise be out of her reach..... Oh YA ... they found her busy working in the bathroom.... at the orphanage.....maybe one day we will be able to hire a few more workers for them and then those there will get a little time off.

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Anonymous said...

My family and I will pray for Anya's health and her family's health. I am a Mom to four and I know it is hard for mothers in particular to take care of themselves, especially those who are called not only to mother their own families but to care for others directly as well.