Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Go Vera Go

Another champion for the cause that I have never written about is a Lady named Pastor Vera.
Vera works with the seniors and the youth in the village... When she has the funds... she runs a feeding program where she visits the sick and the shut ins and brings them food and supplies... She has about 20 that she cares for on a regular basis... she does this from a tiny little apartment on the edge of town. We spoke with her and one of her dreams was to have a small church in the center of town where she could help those in need, and people would now where to come... to come .... She has talked about the need to increase her ministry to the helpless hurting and the lost......This is what church is about.... It's not about self serving programs .. it's not about the colour of the carpet ( this is evident if you have ever seen the carpet in our home church...lol.) its about helping, caring and Loving.... Vera operates on a budget of $500 every three months....... How many programs does your church have that are the Life bread to so many for so little.... If you want to support this one....Vera could sure use the help..... Well we are in the right place at the right time. Our Friend Ed from Loads of love called me a couple of weeks ago and said... "John we need to find a place for Vera... see what you can do" ..... Last week we put a down payment on this house... and this week the deal should be finalized.... This house has one large room that can be used as a meeting room, as well as two smaller rooms that can be used as an apartment to help those in need. It even has an indoor flush toilet and a full bath..for getting those in need cleaned up. It has a small kitchen and is on the city heating system and the city water. The best part is that it is on the main street right across from the market and the store..... Thank you that we could be a part of this.
Blessings John

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