Monday, September 01, 2008

For Those Who Have Given

Guest Post - David and Jayne Schooler
"Give the gift that keeps on giving." I think we hear that phrase a lot around Christmas time. For those who have joined John, Julie, Emma and Bekah in ministering to those here in Central Asia, your financial gifts and gifts of time keep on giving. We had an opportunity in the last week or so, to visit places where the teens worked and where financial gifts were extended. We wanted you to see that your gifts continue to bless the folks here.

A number of friends of the Wrights contributed to the financial needs for Pastor Elenya's surgery. She is doing extremely well. Sitting between Elenya and David, is her two year old son Timothy. In the background, there are a bunch of kids enjoying the playground at Pastor Vera's church in the village. We were there two weeks ago and the playground was full the entire three hours we were there. Thank you for giving and working!

We were able to share in the 5th birthday celebration of the organization of Pastor Vera's church which was celebrated in their new church. It is absolutely beautiful. We saw a pastor who truly loves her people and ministers to them seven days a week. This church was purchased through the gifts of many people from Canada and other countries.

Celebrating the church's birthday together.

Couldn't let this picture go by...Sibera enjoying watermelon at the birthday party. She is one of the family of five now living in their new home. They are doing well. Thank you for giving! Thank you for working!
From what I understand, one of the team members from Canada gave Larissa money for her three foster children. We arrived at their house last Sunday just as they were getting home from the bazaar with gifts, school clothes, shoes, cakes, etc. It felt like I am sure these children have never experienced. Thank you for giving to them. Valdy, is in the background...he loved watching it all too.
Larissa, her mother, and the kids....Valdy has a brand new soccer ball! We planned to stay just a short time, but two hours later, we were still there enjoying this remarkable day with this beautiful family.

For Those Who Love the People Here

Our departure date is September 29 and we will leave here with very mixed emotions...eager to see family and friends, but leaving behind some very precious people. Over the last few weeks, the government here has informed the people that through the majority of the winter they will only have available electricity 8 hours a day. Schools will be closed in January and February and and children will need to extend their schooling through July. The government has told everyone to convert to coal, which is almost impossible and the cost of coal has tripled in just a few months.

We are gravely concerned for the welfare of these people...many who have depended on electricity to heat their homes. There are no other resources for them for warmth. Can you imagine never having a place to go where you can feel warm.? Last winter was extremely severe here. Please join us in praying for these wonderful people...for their protection, warmth and safety in the uncertain months ahead.


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