Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today we went with Lena to visit Larisa in the village. (NCKPA) We will be helping her with some of the people that she supports.Let me introduce you to a few of them. This man's name is Nickolai . He is 77 years old and still works in the fields in the summer. This has been a very bad winter here and he is proof. What he really needs is to go into a nursing home. First we must get him to the hospital for his feet and then get him his documents so he will be able to stay.We have offered to meet his immediate needs, and will wait on God to provide for his future. Then it was off to see several others. Here is one sweet old lady named Clava. Clava loved the lap blanket and immediatly burst into a prayer of thanksgiving.
After several other stops, we ended up at Laura's house for a visit then we went for tea with Laura's neighbours. Well, it did not take long before the town was out to meet us. Even Maria was out to see us... She sends a special hello to her friend Laurent from Quebec. It's a very sobering place to visit. For me, it affirms a year end report that I just submited for our friends at home.

As I write this I am sitting in our apartment(actually Ed Dicksons apartment) in Town. You see missions from a different perspective from this side of the globe... From home , Missions is something we are called to do whether we go or send. We know that there are needs. We see the photos and have heard the stories, but I don't think we fully understand the impact we are making. From this side of the globe, many live a daily life of pain and suffering. With no hope ... with no faith... and no way out. The governments are struggling to maintain what little social service networks they have. For many the only understanding of hope that they have is not to turn to the church, but to those faithful workers that you support. They can not comprehend the provision... they need it served to them with the skin on! As the needs arrive daily, literally knocking on the door, all they can do is to offer to pray for provision, and wait for the work on the heart of that business man in Ohio, that senior in Vancouver, or the 3rd grader in Norwood............ As we move into 2008, please continue to keep your hearts open to the gentle prodding....the situation may be more urgent than you think.

Now we are home to regroup, then it is off to the village for more lessons.


Dan Bailey :) said...

J & J,

Awesome reports, the video is a very impressive witness. We appreciate you being our extended arms, praying that you are able to stay on God's well lit path,



Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Just some love from ours to yours.
Can you tell me how much it would cost to have that gentleman live in a nursing home/month?
I love how God does look with skin on; funny how much He looks like you.
It is amazing to me how readily some recognize (evidenced in their praise) or accept that this is all from their loving Father in heaven!
Be blessed today!!!
Love and prayers from the Bencics