Friday, May 02, 2008

One more on the payroll

We are excited to have a new team member here in town. Starting in a few weeks when school is out, we will have a couple extra hands three days a week. She will help translate for us in the village and in town, . This is a person who is bright , enthusiastic , eager to help out, and sets a real example for the kids in the orphanages. She knows first hand the trials that they are going through, and she knows where to draw her strength from . The only draw back that we can see at this time is that it is going to make it just a little harder to say good buy when we must leave.
So, are you all wondering who she is... Click here..... "AND NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY"


Anonymous said...

Grammy says, Now you really have me crying! I remember her participation in the AVP Workshop -she has wisdom far beyond her years and a seeker after the Truth. Praise God!

Hilary Marquis said...

You made me cry...again! What a blessing. Thank you for taking care of so many. What a God we have!

LaJoy Family said...

AWESOME!! And the "trickle down" effect will be enormous. Keep on spreading His love John.

Jes said...

This is wonderful news!!

Anonymous said...

awww the chicks are adorable! i bet they were expensive! we are hoping to get some! e-mail me soon! p.s. i was wondering how the breakdancing thing
went? anywho,write back asap~!
bye for now,jessica