Saturday, May 03, 2008

Maybe not quite the same dance as David

Like every other, today was a busy day in town. We sent Isar out to the village to pick up about 20 kids and bring them in for a breakdancing battle. There were other dance teams from town and from the capital city. The youth pastor from the town church organized the event. He started with music from a youth band, then he gave a short message before the battle began.
Here are a few of our village girls taking to the floor.

I was thinking of our friends Paul and Roxanne and Crystal at the Burger Hut again. I missed most of it because I was back at the apartment cooking chilli for the event. We had chilli and buns and pop for them all when it was over... just over 80 stayed for supper. Here Julie is giving a final stir before the chilli is served

I did't think it was too hot , but this little guy might have.