Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Never a dull Moment

This afternoon we picked up David and Jayne, and headed to a little village with a very enthusiastic local Lady. Her name is Anagool. She is a mover and a shaker in her village. She brought us to the home that her father grew up in and shared how they would like to turn it into a museum. They wish to preserve some of the ancient skills before they are lost. They would also like to build a Yurt that people could come and stay at and experience the traditional way of life. Anagool works to help people start small businesses to provide a little extra money for them. She has some of the "artisans" that will teach the craft to the next generation. We toured a few of the homes and saw some of the work. One of the problems is that to buy the good quality felt you must buy in bulk as most of it is now being exported. Although this is something we are working on for "Simple Dreams" , we could not resist an opportunity to get them started. we commissioned 10 of these nativity sets up . This will allow them to purchase the materials needed to teach the next generation ... so in a few weeks they will be finished and we will be in the yurt business..... If anyone would like to buy one, for a minimum donation of $25 I will bring you one home and mail it out the first week of September. Anything over the $25 will go to Anagools Yurt project .....She has $2000 to go.
I forgot to mention ... once the yurt is built, proceeds will go to 1)teach English to the kids in the village.. .
2)to purchase computers for the school. & 3) they think it would be great if the road in their town was paved!


Maria said...

Oh JOHN!!! I want one of the nativity scenes. I LOVE THEM!! We will be there (hopefully) May 30 - June 15. We will give you the money for it then. We also want to meet up with you. Our 10 y.o. son will be with us and we want him to experience mission work. We don't have hotel info yet but will contact you when we do. I want to collect things to bring to you so I'll be looking at your list.

Lisa B and Family said...

We would like one too!
Also, We are hoping to find one of those playhouse sized yurts. I saw one in the background of a photo taken in an orphange (I think Bishkek). I think getting one of those home would be tricky though.
Lisa Brotherton

LaJoy Family said...

John, we definitely want a set,do we pay now or when you return home? These are AWESOME!!! Love it!


Shannon said...


Count us in on one of those nativity sets. How perfect!!


Gretchen said...

I would love to purchase one of these yurts and Kyrgyz doll sets. I adopted my daughter from Bishkek in October - Gotcha Day was October 1, 2007. We live in Arizona and all is wonderful. She is an AMAZING child and I am so blessed to be her mother. My blog is - feel free to check it out.
Let me know how I can get you the $25 plus donation for this item.

Thank you.
Mesa, Arizona

Gretchen said...

Sorry, this is Gretchen again - I forgot to give you my email address to direct me on sending the $ for the yurt and dolls.

Hilary Marquis said...


We want one too :) Miss Anara will think it is quite special one day. Let me know how to arrange payment.


Julie & John Wright said...

anyone traveling to Kyrgyzstan can just bring money with them and we will make arangements to meet you. If you would like me to bring one home and mail it you can donate on line by using the link at the top right of my page. Select "The Right Stuff" then in the memo line type felt yurt. You can email me with an address at

Anonymous said...

John, I am a friend of the LaJoys and would love one too! How do I get my order in? My email is Thanks! Can't wait! Joan Mulleady

Shelley and Brian said...

Hello John. We would love a nativity set also. I am not clear how to get you the money but I will try the link you mentioned above. You can contact me at

pam b said...

I would also love a nativity set and hope to be over there within a month or so. Please let me know how to get money to you.

Thanks so much,