Saturday, May 10, 2008

Only a piece of the puzzle

While on a missions trip several years ago in Xxxxx Our pastor shared with us how we can not determine our steps based on the big picture. Many times we do not see the whole picture, we are but one piece of the puzzle . We must trust God to place each piece where he wants it and we must have the obedience to be used as God leads . He gave us each a piece of Gold painted puzzle. This is something that Julie still carries. It reminds us that we play a very small part, and that there are many others that share in the outcome of the end product. Over and over again, God proves this to be true.
Today back in our home town, there are a group of youth that are working to raise the funds to come and to make a difference in the lives of the hurting. They have been working toward this trip for almost a year. This afternoon, many in our community joined with them in support. They had a Golf tournament and and a dinner, and were able to raise $4500 toward the projects here. Look at the previous posts and you will see the difference that can be made with a couple hundred dollars and imagine what kind of impact that they will make. There are projects that we find here that we can not do on our own ...... nor should we expect to ... we are only one piece of the puzzle. For all of you out there that have supported us here in so many ways...... who hold a gold piece of the puzzle in your hand ...... thank you for being a part of the big picture....

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