Monday, May 12, 2008

Finger Painting Fun

Today we had some of our friends from the adoption group come along to see the kids. We had a great day, and took full advantage of the extra hands to have some finger painting fun.... something we were hesitant to do on our own .... if you wonder why .... Just have a look. ... It was a double blessing for us today, because we had other friends join us as well.....David and Jayne ,David is a pastor that has a special gift for dealing with the hurting and struggling and his wife Jayne is a child advocate specialist and together they make an incredible team that will make a great impact during their six month stay here in town. Every one pitched in and the kids were thrilled . One on one attention ..... something that is just so precious to them .

Stewart and Angela had a great day together while Peter was off playing baseball with the older kids .
These ones were so excited that they were shaking ..... The kids had fun too.

After lunch we hoped back into the bus and headed for the Tower... It was nice to just relax and enjoy the trip... Every other time I have been there we have been on such a tight schedule , but today we just enjoyed the beautiful day . Here are our friends on the old palace ruins

David and Jayne
Marlene and Peter
Stewart and Allison

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Maria said...

It's so cool to see the pix of my friends, Peter, Marleen, Stu and Allison and the work they were able to do while they were there! Thanks for sharing!