Friday, May 23, 2008

An adoptive mother needs help !

I have mentioned before that every day we come across , are told about, or get phone calls about people asking for help... Some we are able to work into our budget, and we just cover them, some are just so ....well...I can not even write about them, and others just slowly sink in and torment you until you have to do something about them. Elanya is one of those people... I guess when we find someone that has dedicated their life to helping others, it is extra hard to see them suffer. Elanya is a single mother.... not by circumstance or bad choice, but because of doing the right thing. Against the wished and recommendation of family and friends, she has adopted two little children Veka 6 and Timothy 1. They each have their own story that we will not discuss. Along with raising these two would be orphans, Elanya is the pastor of a very small northern church here in Central Asia... In a country with so little social network, this is a very big job. She also helps out at the orphanage for disabled kids. All that she has is on the line...... She is now facing some serious health issues because of some bad teeth. It is amazing that a dentist here is so cheep, but when you have nothing , it is still out of reach. David and Jayne are going to see what they can do to try to find some help for her, but in the mean time we can all do what we are so often called to do here....Pray and wait upon the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Johnny my man :) Let us know what needs to be done here to make this right. As you know, we are firm beleivers in looking after God's Pastors, you're not going to find a better application of James 1:27 than this opportunty for Elanya,

Blessings to Julie, Bekah and Emma too we miss you all terribly, but happy to come alongside you into other peoples lives where we can


Dan :)