Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please Sir.....May I have some more?

I want to take a moment and again thank Our friends at the Burger Hut in Norwood. They sent us of with a mission to "LOOK AFTER THE KIDS" .the BURGER HUT is our favourite restaurant in Canada, it's not fancy, but the food is great and you know they care! we thought it would be fitting that we would cook good quality home made meals for the kids here in town . The kitchen here has a 2 burner electric hot plate, and the hydro is off every day from about noon to 7, but at least it has a schedule... you never know when the water will be off. These problems coupled with the rising cost of food here, has made things difficult for them .

Family night at the town orphanage has just gotten a little bigger.. David and Jane and there translator Natalia have been joining us.... and bringing the drinks. ... ( since our paths are crosswing so much, you can also follow along and see more photos us on their blog ....The Journey Continues)Here we are enjoying a meal of Poached Salmon, Rice and a Mediterranean Salad . We are now 24 with orphanage staff ... and I cook for 40... Man can those kids eat... and it';s always gone!

So far we have had :

Cheeseburgers and fries
Chicken pot pie
Prime rib with mashed potatoes
Shashleek and Craft dinner.
Poached salmon
Banana splits
Peanut butter and Honey sandwiches with Caesar salad
Baked Palmini and salad
Fresh strawberry shortcake with ice cream
Shashleek in the mountains
Shashleek at the fishing pond

Not bad when this is what you find at the market.........


Anonymous said...

if you know how to cook problem!!

Hilary Marquis said...

I think I just lost my appetite...

Anonymous said...

wo ... I an a seafood freak .. but what is that??

I do know they don;t serve that at Burger Hut ... :)

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