Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blasting Holes in the Darkness!

Just because we have not posted in a few days does not mean we have not been busy...
We have had a very busy and exciting week so far... We have some Internet friends here to pick up their new babies they are adopting, but we can't show you photo's yet until the finish all the court stuff. We have also been putting together about 30 simple dreams for the new web sight ...... but can't share them either until the sight opens on Sunday June 1... Oh ya and we bought a house... what an incredible story of how this all happened and who will be blessed by it... but I have to wait for a few days to share that as well... the investors have first crack at that story..... Lets' see what can I tell you... Oh I know ... This week we had two other prayer requests answered... We have a sponsor for new shoes for the entire village orphanage. ( 150 kids) Then the same day I received an email sponsoring new soccer shirts and shorts for them all as well.... We even have the sizes so they will all fit right... Now we are going to make arrangements to bring the vendors from the market to set up their stalls at the orphanage for the day and let the kids choose their own... how fun is that... We will try to get it all set up to happen next week... ... We have also planned a shashleek pic nic in the mountains with 4 adoptive families ( that brought us stuff like K-D...Honey nut Cheerios.. tuna..peanut butter.. craft parts... they even brought a full suit case of brand new replacement clothing and personal items to replace the bags that Aeroflot lost on David and Jayne ) and a bus load of kids from the orphanage... The girls are busy as well they have taken 2 bus loads of kids to the capital city for who knows what! and for who knows how long! but I am sure it will be exciting. And for some strange reason they forgot to turn off our electricity today so Julie frantically got us caught up on laundry and dishes..
So that sort of catches up on the last three days....

Having a blast till the money runs out!

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