Sunday, May 04, 2008

Keep it Moving

Traveling with Sam and his wife Vee will be a few special guests. Scott and Wendy Lynn Couper as well as Kevin and Wendy Pauls.
Scott and Wendy were pastoring in Canada in one of the churches that made such an impact in the village..... caught the bug.... and now are full time with Possibilities International... They have agreed to take leadership of the "Simple Dreams"....something we have seen played out over and over here on actofkindness. Keven is a recording artist, and will be doing a series of concerts and will be shooting some promotional video for up coming releases, as well as for the McJoyful Christmas and child sponsorship program. His wife Wendy has an active ministry of her own. She runs a program in the Schools in Canada called "i totally matter" and will be working along side PI to bring short term missions into the program.

They will be in Central Asia for 10 days .. 5 of them here in town, then they will be heading for the Ukraine....... The question is "How do we fit everything going on here into 5 days .

Here is a story off the "I totally Matter" web sight

No problem Keeping things moving
with these guys!