Sunday, May 11, 2008

Goodbye to our little friend

What a wonderful new family Anna has. We had the honour of having dinner with them in the capital city with Sam's team this week. They are a true blessing. They are part of the behind the scenes support that I have been talking about...They brought us a huge bag of high quality medical supplies for the kids that their church had put together for us. They told us that there church has been praying for us for this entire trip. Just another GOLD piece in the puzzle.
Anna during a visit a few weeks ago ... Melody said we would remember her because she loves Bananas... fitting that the last photo of her is with a banana .... When we get back to Canada we will post a few more photo's of her...unless Paula sees this post and sends us a copy .

Here they are on the gotcha day ......

Anna in Dads arms

Getting dressed to go.... look at that smile!

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Anonymous said...

That's what its all about right there :)
Miss you guys like crazy. Good to talk to you on the golf Course, made me miss you all the more. But $,500 at the Golf Tournament made it all worth it and bring you closer. The youth team is in full swing now finalizing the remaining finances and collecting supplies.

Keep up the postings, we'll make sure all who we know gt to see them.


Dan B:)

Anonymous said...


That last one should read $4,500!!

Cal was awesome as usual setting this up, and the youth as in Quebec were amazing again


Dan :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm..... I'm having a blonde moment.... Kaneshna, Of course I recognize Anna, the banana baby. She's in the Orphans of God video. Do you want me to copy these photos of her somewhere? So.... Grace is telling me that maybe you want me to send the original photos of her, eh??? I must have one photo of her in my computer here somewheres. Is that what you want me to send you? How would you like it sent? via email?
Love you muchly - and I know how you feel, Julie, about worshipping in a different language and not understanding much of what is being said in church Sunday mornings. Still praying daily. In Christ's love, Paula

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I know I'm having a blonde moment. I recognize this little banana girl, but I just looked at all my photos in the Orphans of God video and I can't find her. John, can you help me figure out how it is that I recognize this little one. She's soooooo cute! I love the look on her face as she's eating the banana and looking at you. - Paula :)