Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ok Now I am in Trouble

So it seems as though I am in trouble.... Julie wants to know where I get off giving her peanut butter to the kids , yet when it runs low, I post a photo of my Kraft dinner! ...... so any of you that have been so kind and offered to bring us Kraft dinner would like to leave a couple boxes out and stick in a Jar... I would be greatfull


Julie & John Wright said...

So, that is a creative way to get out of trouble. Thanks Dear.

The Freakshow! said...

You are the man!

Anonymous said...

Peanut Butter, absolutely, better than Poutine anyday of the week, or time of day come to that :)


Dan :)

Anonymous said...

Hey John!
Rivetted to your blog now! You guys are getting results - can't wait to see what other "impossible" things God is going to accomplish thru u guys!
Thanks the Wrights for looking after us so well while we were in Kyrgy! (Tim Hortin's!)
I pray abundant blessings of KD and peanut butter upon your heads!!!
Hey did Geneesh get his camelbak back? Can u forward me his e-mail to me?
Rock on Brother!

Ivy Lee said...

ok, the wonder three are on our way for a personal delivery :)

Maria said...

Oh, I LOVE peanut butter, so I can understand the dilemma. Since someone said they were bringing 30 boxes, I'll get peanut butter instead. We are going out tomorrow to get more things. I'm thinking I see some coffee in ya'll's future too! :-)