Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The New Balcony

We are enjoying the new balcony ... the trees have started to fill in . We have been looking around town, and see just how blessed we are. We are on the first floor, which is crucial, in a good location, have a sit down flush toilet, and we are close to everything we need, and the new breakfast nook just makes it perfect . So, thank you to all those who helped with this project. We think Ed will love it.

Here is a view from outside . We have tomato plants, pansies and some jade trees in the windows. Our living room window is on the right.

We had them put full windows in the front and it really opens things up

This is standing in the kitchen looking out .... notice the nice table cloth ... one that made it past the Xxxxxx airport security...

While having breakfast, it does not take long for reality to strike. We still are reminded daily of the plight of those around us .

Living here .... if not already, You sure learn to be Thankful.

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