Wednesday, May 14, 2008

English Class

Today, we not only visited one of the local schools in town, but we had the privilege of meeting the future president of Central Asia... at least that's how his friends introduced him to us . I have no doubt that it could be a possibility for him... All the kids we visited today were very smart, exceptionally polite, and eager to practice their English. They were very surprised to hear Emma and Bekah speaking the local language and commented on how they speak without an accent. They asked us questions about Canada, our school system, our political structure, and we even got into some world trade issues... One underlying question in all the classes was "WHY ARE WE IN CENTRAL ASIA" we were able to explain how we have friends here in Central Asia that are making a difference... and that they are reaching out to help those around them. We explained that we want to help and support those that are helping others... then encouraged them to do the same.... We even told the "Future President" that when he became president, he could expect a visit from us to tell him about a Babushka in the village that needs help and we expect him to help ...LOL.... Maybe one day we will have Friends in high places here in Central Asia. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to meat up with them again soon. Oh ya ... we gave them all chocolate Loonies .( that's what we call the Canadian 1 dollar coin as it has a loon on it.. and looks like a chocolate money )

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