Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back to the park

Friday morning at 2:30 we left for the airport to Get Sam's team off to the Ukraine..... so I was just a bundle of energy when we got to the park that afternoon . There were so many kids it was mind boggling.
We brought with us 4 cases of ice cream cones . They were gone in no time.... though I think that the odd kid got a little more then their share. We brought with us a baseball set that was sent from a friend in Canada. The kids have had a blast every where we have gone... We got a big inflatable rubber ball that they can not put through a window and can be caught without a's a good thing because they get base ball and dodge ball a little mixed up at times..

Inside for English class we taught them about North American Mothers day... a day they don't have here. We had all the kids make cards for their mothers. This is a photo of the kids in the overflow room .

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Sam said...

John, Julie, Emma & Bekah...
Freaks is what you are! And I mean that in the greatest compliment possible. It was a delight for us to be with you guys for a few days....unreal! Keep up the good are truly a blessing to everyone you come in contact with.