Friday, May 09, 2008

And on that farm she has.... everything!

While everyone was gathered , we taught the kids Old Mcdonald had a farm. Then we substituted Old Mcdonald with OH AIGULA has a farm..... Then explained that these were the animals that had been sponsered.... and we handed them photos as we sang , and that a Team of youth from Canada would come and help get the property ready for the animals. Not only that but we had food coming as well.... If you could see her face..... but you will have to just imagine
PS.... there was one child missing, Turat was in the mountains with the Orphanage cows.... here he is with his favourite animal.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome news John, amazing testamonies of what God can do through your hands. Cant wait too get our team there to help out with our hands. We will be playing the video clips Saturday at the Golf Tourney, keep up the blogs, they inspire us all. I know we are all praying for greater miracles than these :)


Dan :)