Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More supplies for the village orphanage

Wow .... The Hastings Knitters have been at it again. Sam arrived with a huge bag of mittens and blankets. The kids hands will be warm this winter! I just love listening to them talk to each other. We also brought with us a few other goodies.

When the Morgans came to pick up their daughter, they brought us a huge bag on medical supplies that their church had collected. It was all top quality high end supplies. Thank you to the Maple Avenue Baptist in Smackover.. It was a real blessing. There were many items that where really needed in this orphanage. There are a few of the kids that have regular ear aches and some have bad rashes...... but not for long.

Some of the folks in Goodrich that had put the new kitchen in here sent a big bag full of pampered chef cooking utensils....How cool is that .... not only do they have a wonder full kitchen, but now they have the gadgets to go along with it....
Hand made mittens , High end drugs, and pampered chef......and Crayola craft supplies....It is such a blessing to GIVE THE BEST.... If I was a preacher, I am sure there is a message in their somewhere ....

On behalf of the directors Gulnara and Ukana...Thank you

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Anonymous said...

TO GIVE THE BEST - Is that like giving a cup of COLD water? Grammy