Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Talk about potential!

Let me introduce you to someone. This is Altynai. She is one of Eight . Her parents were deported from Russia because they drank to much. They continued to drink here in Central Asia. Altynai was found by the police scavenging for food at the dump to feed her brothers and sisters. In November she and 4 of her siblings were moved to the village orphanage. She is now 19 and still lives there with them She feels responsible for them. Since coming to the orphanage she has excelled in school, and has really applied herself in the English lessons we have there for the kids. Already she is able to converse in English. Her likes are Music, drawing and writing poems...She is very gifted. She wants to be a translator or a clothing designer when she grows up. She was about to sign on with mining company . They would assist her with school to study mining samples.... for this they require that she sign a contract with them for a period of 10 years that she would not be able to work any where else....basically giving them all rights to her..... We have talked to Elder Yang. He has a Christian business college opening in September here in town. One of the courses being offered is Linguistics . He also has dorms for the kids to stay. This is only 1/2 hour from the Orphanage so she could continue to have contact with her family. and while in town, would be surrounded by those that would look out for her. Please remember Her in prayer. We are now going to see if she could be excepted to this college and what the final price would be. It looks like the tuition portion would be around $500 for the year. We gave the kids a questioner to fill out for us... under PLEASE PRAY FOR: she wrote My future, My Faith and my education, because I don't have money for that. under I WOULD LIKE TO: she wrote .... create a happy family and love my future children.... I'm telling you... this young young woman is something special .... She just needs someone to stand behind her.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work john. hope to travel with u in the future.

all the best pete

Eve said...

John, I am just seeing this (Christmas Morning Dec. 25th 2008). Can donations be made to help with her educational needs (i.e. money for tuition, books, etc.?). If so, please email me privately:

I am currently in the middle stage process of gettting my paperwork completed for adopting in Kyrgyzstan. If I can help this young lady out I would like to do so.