Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today we celebrated Emma's birthday with the kids from the town orphanage. They were so excited that they were shaking... They knew that we were coming to take them out to the market , but everything else was a surprise.

We had given Ishar the day off because we have to go to the Airport early in the morning. The kids thought that meant we might have to walk.... Boy were they excited when the horse and wagon showed up..... in fact I think that the owner of the horse was as excited as the kids. There was one more person today that got excited, that was The man at the shirt store. He has been really great with us and was ready for the rush of kids. We noticed how the kids did not allow themselves to show emotion... as if at any second it could all disappear, then one by one the smiles broke through as they picked out their shirtsBefore heading back we all got an orange and a's important that you have one more thing then you have hands to hold them.... At the end of the trip, they all came out with their new cloths and gathered around to wish Emma Happy Birthday.....

Do you remember what you got for your 17th birthday?...I am sure Emma will never forget!


The Freakshow! said...

Happy Birthday Emma!
You gotta whole soccer team there!

David and Jayne Schooler said...

John and Julie and girls,

What an awesome day...we wanted to be there. What an impact you are making on those beautiful kids!


Anonymous said...

Dear Emma, Happy Birthday !!! We love you and we miss you. It's May 26 th today so our Happy Birthday is a little belated. Sorry.
Much love from Ms. Kirkland and Grace. After watching this video, Grace sang Happy Birthday to you in Russian. Of course the only trouble is that you couldn't hear it. She can sing it again for you when she comes in July.

Anonymous said...

H3ey... Happy B-Day Emma!!