Monday, May 19, 2008

Visiting our Friend

This week, we were blessed with a donation delivered by one of the families that is here to adopt. They simply said to use it where it was needed. Today I had a chance to visit my "new " old friend Amir. Amir is at the village orphanage . The director there is a wonderful lady and loves the kids so much. she has a good staff, and a nice facility. The budget there is just to small to cover the basic needs. Food and clothing are the two daily struggles for the director. We were there to discuss arranging help for some necessary operations for a few of the kids, and took that opportunity to do a little shopping on the way. We picked up 30 jugs of oil and 4 cases of cookies.... The amazing thing is that the kids were more excited about the many of our kids know the importance of oil in there daily diet...... Amire is doing well and sends his best to his friend Kenny. He brought us around the orphanage and introduced us to many of the other kids. Do you remember this little guy?We visited his classroom .
Then he showed us the project that they are working on right now. A church in the capital city has donated the cement and the roof tiles for them to build a washroom, and they have everything else that they need .... except a load of gravel and a crane to put the pieces together. ..... when was the last time your kids got excited
about building an outhouse....
After visiting the Oprhanage , we still had a little money left so we went over to visit Auxana and introduce our friends David and Jayne to her. We brought along a bag of groceries... we were all blessed.

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LaJoy Family said...


Thank you so much for hugging Amir, for being the touch of God in his life. He is thought of over here quite often, almost daily, and knowing someone is showing him love helps take the sting out of knowing he does not yet have a family.

You, my friend, are walking in the light of God, sharing Him with every person you meet.

Keep letting all of us know the needs, and we will all try to help!

Blessings to you and your family...including those Kyrgyz family members who are not related by law or blood but by your open hearts,