Tuesday, December 01, 2020

A buzz of activity

The fam is a buzz of activity these days .  Still packing 100 bags of coal a day into storage,  they are also back out on deliveries.  People and trucks coming and going , bringing warmth with them where ever they go. 

One of the first stops as promised was to meet up with Vera and bring coal to the family she is working with . 

 We have been doing well with the Christmas wish book so far.  We have Christmas covered at 3 orphanages, one set of the camping gear, a lamb to give a family and about 150 bags of coal covered .  We have also advanced for the homeless from the farms budget so that we could get them the basics right away . We also had a opportunity to get a good price on some good quality Vitamins so we have purchased $1000 worth , and are hoping for some donations to cover that.   

Please take a moment and click on this  link to the wish book and see some of the areas that we are working on.

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