Saturday, December 12, 2020

Wish book update

I wanted to give an exciting  update about the Christmas Wish Book. but before I do we will tell you a little bit about what our team has been been up to.   One of the young girls we help in Bishkek had a birthday yesterday.  Kamala is our person that is in her bubble and helps her navigate life.  Dianna does not like cake , so after a beautiful supper that they prepared for her, they put the candles in a pizza .. 

That was a big hit, she loved it . 

The boys from the farm were back out on deliveries delivering coal and food to some families that they got word of that had a need. 

Here is a little update about  the Christmas wish book donations that have come in and what we still have a need of . 

*We have been blessed to be able to cover Tanya's  need at the mens home and those families from the dump. 

* Vera's request for gifts for children and for the family that she is working with have also been covered .

* Tokmok baby orphanage fruit covered 

* we have delivered 150 tons of coal and continue to deliver more every day.   

*We have purchased $1000 worth of vitamins and have half of that covered.  

* a couple large food and clothing drops at the homeless shelter. 

* one sheep for a family to deliver. 

*We have also had a couple of the sets of camping gear covered. 

*we have also received donations for Christmas at two smaller orphanages.    

*Now for food hampers, we are hoping deliver 100 Christmas hampers this year and have 50 of them covered. 

*we do have a couple pizza parties covered so far as well .. 

We are doing great, but please don't panic and think that you have missed your chances to be a blessing, we still have about $6000 worth of possibilities to choose from. 

So here is what is  left 

Red river orphanage   $750

Chui region Orphanage $750 

Blind society 200 x $5  = $1000  $500 to go 

Small home orphanage we help in Bishkek $250 

Ivonofka Children's treatment center   = $500 

vitamins $500 

Christmas food hampers 50 x $20  = $1000 

Camping gear 8 x $150  = $1200 

*along with these items we will have an almost unlimited number of blankets, rice, coal, orphanage food and cleaning supply deliveries .  

Thank you to everyone who has donated,  shared,  and challenged their family and friends to make donations .. every little bit has made a big difference. 



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