Friday, December 04, 2020

Christmas parties a little different this year.

Before I share about what our team has been up to today, I thought I would highlight one of the items in the Christmas wish book 

The Christmas in the Orphanages is going to have to be a little different this year due to the high rate of Covid in the region, we are going to have to change up the dinning out.  We thought about what was the favorite part of the day that could still be done safely.  
  Here is what we have come up with .  Our team can prepare and drop of a small gift for each kid that can be delivered to the orphanage a couple days early so that it can quarantine.  

Another thing that is popular with the kids is fresh fruit .. mainly apples and banana's. Our thought is to give enough for each child to have a few , but then be ready to bring another fruit delivery a few weeks after Christmas .   

We have two orphanages covered so far. We still have 5 orphanages and the blind society  left which include about 1000 kids to go at $5 a child.  If you would like to sponsor some kids please use the donate link at the top right of the blog .  

So here is an update from or  teams.  Today Kamala and her team  did a huge shop for food and cleaning supplies for the homeless shelter in Bishkek.  They were so excited to receive this blessing today.  As soon as they arrived, the kazan was fired up for a big meal. 


Back in Tokmok Vlad and his helpers were out delivering food families, most of whom are single parents and parents with disabled kids .. or both.    He shared how one of the families was so happy, all they have eaten for the last week is a few potatoes.  It was so great that we could help out. 

There is a strange incongruency that grips you when you make deliveries into homes like this .. At the time you hold it together, bring joy and happiness where ever you go.  You can't go into someone's home and be all doom and gloom, you keep the smile on your face.  When you get home though, you go into your apartment, close the door behind you, and break down, only to get up and do it all over again tomorrow .. Speaking of which, Tomorrow Vlads team will be delivering to another 50 families. Please pray for continued strength for the teams .   "And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

Vera gave us an update today from the family that she and some of you are helping.  The coal is in, they have been to the dentist and the kids are enrolled back in school, and today some more food and a a new oven was delivered . 

and finally for today, back on the farm the boys are getting ahead on the coal and are ready for the next wave of needs as they arrise.   

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