Wednesday, December 23, 2020

In Love and Prayer

We have added a few others to our Christmas list.  Vera made a trip with her friends to see the front line workers in her village hospital.  Other years we have held parties for their kids but this year we felt it was best to forgo the big party, but decided to bring Christmas hampers and gifts for their children to them.  They were so blessed to know that they are not forgotten .. it can be a thankless job surrounded buy so much pain and suffering but today they are feeling the love. 

Someone else feeling the love is the homeless shelter.  Because of your donations we have been able to bless them with food, clothing and cleaning supplies to help those living on the street . 

These donations have allowed them to continue the great work that they do .  A week ago I shared our team bringing supplies to them, but shared that this was the end of our budget .   

Thankfully later that day we had a few donations come in that will allow us to bring another delivery .. We are now at the point of one delivery at a time , but with the faithfulness of you our sponsors, we are able to be a part of some awesome life changing transformations like this gentleman  who is getting a fresh start ..

you know everything that we do has a price tag attached to it .. that is just the way of the world we live in.  What is exciting is that some times the price tag is pretty small compared to our bang for the buck .. and what a bang it is when we come along side such a great organization .   ready for this ?  


Thank you for making this possible  !

Christmas deliveries are continuing from one end of the valley to the other .  Not big parties , but personal gifts and bags of everything needed for a do it yourself Christmas feast ..   our own version of "Hello Fresh" or "Chefs Plate "  meal kit deliveries" 

It has been great to be able to get vitamins out into the hands of people who need them .  We just had a large shipment of vitamins come in so we have been able to get them to those  that have been waiting .  With such nutrient deficient diets mostly due to poverty, vitamins are the first line of defense against viruses .  The family that we order the vitamins through made a donation of their own to our workers .. They gave us these great vitamin loly pops to give out on our travels . 

We have had such mixed emotions .. we are so grateful for the hard work of our team. For their good health and protection, for the continual support from so many of you that have kept everything in motion , and for our own personal protection from the world around us. all at the same time we wish we could be boots on the ground .. it has been too long .  Now here in Ontario we are entering into a full lock down for the next month, so it is not looking like things will clear up any time soon .     

A couple days ago we had our family Christmas .. we had a out door camping theme .. complete with a snow man building competition ..   Making the most of the situation, this will be one of those Christmases that our grand children will never forget .  

Bekah may think she is in the lead , but 1/2 hour later her snowman did a face plant so I think the prize has to go to Eli . 
Julie and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry  Christmas.  I believe this Christmas  can be what we make of it .. Make yours a safe and blessed day .. reach out to each other and send words of support and encouragement . build each other up in love and prayer .. 

Be blessed.


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