Monday, December 28, 2020


There is a difference this year .  Food and coal over the years has gone to families who are living in poverty, many for generations. They have figured out how to live on next to nothing , and can be amazingly remorseful just to stay alive . This year we are going into winter with many hard working families experiencing need for the first time. Many may have a home and up until now were considered middle class or wealthy .. but with the devastation of the economy, jobs and peoples health, its a hole new world.  The message we need to convey is the same one all over the world, that is that  its ok to receive help.  

I shared a couple days ago that there is an unwritten rule about smiling  for the photo no matter how happy you are.  Vlad corrected me today .. They are happy, but many are overwhelmed with the help and simply break down in tears .. It can make a smile difficult ... 

Today we have been helping a couple different organizations get needed help out to their people. 

We were interrupted when we had some car troubles and we ended up having our coal delivery truck tow in our food delivery truck.  That's two down. Winter and winter roads are so hard on the cars, we have the van that will take over deliveries now , hopefully. It lasts until one of the others is fixed.

After a little distraction we were back at it   145 bags of coal, 45 bags of fire wood and 10 deliveries of food. 

This has left us with just 50 bags of coal so we will get another load when the next train comes to town.  We get a large transport load .. 23 tons.  This will be about $1500 rather then $1800 if we purchased in smaller batches .  This will bring us up to 500 bags , enough for about 20 families .   It is so much easier on me as my level of faith has increased over the years.. The coal is needed now so we have gone ahead and ordered it,  with an assurance that money will be there when its required ... Because it is the right thing to do ! 

 Your calling directs your finances, your finances do not direct your calling... A lesson well learned.  


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