Saturday, December 05, 2020

Bringing joy for months

As I continue to highlight the Christmas parties from the Christmas Wish Book, I wanted to share a story again that I posted many years ago. 

This morning we went bright and early to go get a young friend from one of the orphanages. From there we headed into Bishkek to the Children's Hospital were we were meeting with a couple eye Dr's to have a check up. From the moment he got into the car until we got to Bishkek, he was telling me all about something really special that happened .. Three months ago some one from America sent them all presents.. every single kid got a present it was so special to them.. he said that in his bag he got shampoo, soap, body wash, tooth brush and tooth past, some fruit and candies , and a small toy that he had in his pocket to show me.. then he told all about what some of the other kids got as well.. he was so excited.. In my head I was doing the math .. this is a lot of stuff for so many kids... I was so thrilled that someone had thought about these kids, it made my heart warm, then my friend smiled and told me that the boy was talking about the Christmas gifts we had sent.. I almost started to cry to know that we had a part of bringing something so special to these kids.. THANK YOU so much to everyone that has had such a big part in really showing these kids in a tangible way that they are special and are not alone.... You know we help a lot of people with things that cost a hole lot more then this $5 gift, most times they never know us and we don't get to see first hand the reaction.. others we are there for. Some times I wonder how much is done or said for our benefit or out of obligation.. but today.. This young boy shared his excitement and gratitude, Not knowing I had anything to do with the gifts , Just a genuine excitement and gratitude still in his mind thee months later. 

We have about 900 kids to go for gifts this year. ($4500)  It may seem like a number that is too big for any one of us , but together, $5 a child we can make an impact that will give the kids good memories that will last for months.

Todays update from the team comes from Vera.  She was out delivering food today.  One of the families that she visited was a family with just the father and son.  The boy is disabled and getting worse and is not able to walk.  The father is a wonderful care giver, but is not able to work out of the home often as he is caring for his son now that schools are closed .. They were so thankful to receive a food hamper today , and wanted us to be sure to thank all of you for your help at this difficult time.

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