Friday, December 25, 2020

Very joyful fatigue that brings me happiness to my soul..

Kamala and her team had a busy day shopping and packing and delivering Christmas food and gifts to one of the smaller orphanages we have helped .  

Julie asked if they liked it .. Kamala said "Of course they did , there was Kabasa !"

Mean while Vlad was busy delivering to a few other larger orphanages in the valley . 

Red river was first up with assorted fruits and Juice  and cleaning supplies .

Next up was the Ivonofka treatment center where we just put in the new heating system .  Along with the new couch for the common room they also got fresh fruits and juice .  At the same time while there we were able to give them money for the medications that they need .

Over at the baby orphanage they brought the apples oranges and Banana's and fruit, but also brought diapers. 

Back in Bishkek the team got ready for Christmas for the blind society families .  150 families will get a gifts for their kids and a bag of groceries with everything needed to make their own special Christmas celebration . 

Along with deliveries to the orphanage Vlad and his team were packing and have started delivering another 150 food hampers to families .  This time they have added a few special treats and some special Christmas meals .. they are also giving a package of masks with each hamper as well .  Stay tuned for more pictures of these deliveries over the next couple days ...

Next up a report from Tanya 

Hallo John and Julie... We wish you a Merry Christmas all your family from all of us. : I, grandma, 50 families and children, also men from the mens home, and families from dump.  People gave you greetings, congratulations and many thanks, a lot of good words  were spoken by all the people.. I heard the same words many times, from many people - thank you that not forgetting us, now in this difficult moments you help us.... Thank you so much John and Julie and all your friends for making such a Christmas gift for people who were waiting and needed.. People from the dump , On Christmas day went to the dump despite the cold, because they wasnt food at home and at this day I called and said that I want to bring food for them.. They were very pleased... Five days I brought help for family who need and today the group of friends  and I were in a man's home, brought Christmas and especially sweet gifts for men.. In Kyrgyzstan, all people: adults and children love a sweet gift.. Sweet gift as a magical gift.. everyone rejoices when they take up a sweet gift. It gives them joy in the heart.. I am very grateful that you were able to give me such an opportunity to bring Christmas to the hearts of many people and give joy. Thank you for your help John and Julie... The group of my friends  say hello to you and wish you a Merry Christmas .. They were also glad that we could serve and gave gifts for men.. I still have gifts and food , tomorrow I will be give it to the families .. I am tired, but this is a very joyful fatigue that brings me happiness to my soul.. especially on Christmas days to bring help to a familys where there are need food, for me it is a blessing to serve them....Thank you so much. Now I will send you pictures ..

I have hundreds of very moving photos ,  I will share a few now and put the rest into a video you can play when you have a coffee in hand.   

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