Thursday, December 10, 2020

In some one else's account

This mornings letter comes from Tanya .. here is what she is asking.

In Kyrgyzstan price food grow up ,especially meat and oil, grains , sugar,.. ..People from the dump call me, ask me will be possible to help with groceries.. and for children sweet gifts for the New Year. The woman who called me .She told that now cold at the dump and
people can't work, difficult time , no money to buy food.... John if you could help . If will be possible I want to buy groceries for families and sweet gifts before Christmas or after . I wrote a list of 40 families and list of children 64 sweet gifts for children and families .($1000)  .. John if there is such an opportunity to help .I want to order 270 gifts for men in mens home  ($1000) ....... On December 15, People from my church and I wanted to spend a Christmas party for the mens home , but the director said
that . nobody can came and no New Year,  all are close ..But boys tell Director that they want a sweet gift . The Director allow us ,he gave us three hours on December 20 ..We will came and bring sweet gifts if will be possible... John, if you could help that I could will buy sweet gifts for 270 men for the mens home, 64 Christmas gifts for poor children, dump children and families from the dump , poor families are 40 families...

My Friend Jamie says "The money is there, it's that it is in someone else's bank account" So that being said , perhaps everyone could check their accounts and see if you might have it . ­čśü 

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