Saturday, December 26, 2020

Did not get the memo !

.This morning some photos came in of families receiving food and coal .    You have to know that they are all just so overwhelmed with the gift.  You would not always know it from the pictures.. There is an un written  rule , actually it probably is written that says you do not smile for a photo,    but trust me they are smiling inside .

oh oh .. some one did not get the memo.  😁

We got in contact with  an organization that has been a big help to us in the city .  They have helped us with difficult to place kids or kids that need legal  help.  They have also provided a place for some of our kids to stay when they were in classes in the city .  We found out that they have a volunteer now much closer to us that is providing meals and showers and laundry  to youth in need as well as supporting some families with coal.  Vlad reached out to them and we are pleased that we will be able to bring them food, soap, shampoo and laundry soap .  We will also get a list of  house holds that are still in need of coal.... We are blessed that you have made it possible for us to meet these needs .. We are truly blessed .. And yes we ARE smiling ☺ .


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