Friday, December 18, 2020

In all things give thanks

Winter is such a dangerous time on the roads in Kyrgyzstan.  Many of the roads are not plowed and quickly turn to slick ice.  Today was a hard day for one of our team who slid into a concrete bunker while out on deliveries for us.  At the same time we got word that one of the boilers blew up in the green house.     Winter is never one of my favorite times of the year.  We are in better position then most in Kyrgyzstan so unlike for most, replacing the boiler and fixing the car while are expensive and inconvenient, are an option.  An option that would not be there for many.   I just see this right now as more of a distraction.. there is so much to do right now and our guys did not need this .  

This will in no way stop us from the work at hand ..and right now that work is delivering food and Christmas gifts to hundreds of children from orphanages hospitals and families in need. 

We have been talking with our contacts inside specific orphanages this year to see what we can do for the kids knowing that we will not be going into the orphanages our selves.  

As we were making plans for the individual orphanages , the treatment center asked about medication , and if we could use some of the Christmas money for that.  We told them that this was specifically for gifts, but that we would move quick and see if we could raise the $200 that is needed .. So let's take a moment and give a plug for the wishbook where we are looking for $10 donations for medications .. I would like to send out the recourses for this as soon as possible .

I am so thankful that God has protected our workers on the road, that he has protected the boys when the boiler blew up, and that we can trust in him to provide for the needs before us in the orphanages and hospitals and in every situation .. we are blessed 


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