Thursday, December 24, 2020


I can remember a Christmas a long time ago, when we asked Emma what she would like for Christmas .. So much she could have come up with , but all she wanted was a ball of string.  In fact when ever anyone would ask her what she wanted or what "Santa " was going to bring her, she would simply answer String !  rest assured she got her string that year  and  she was thrilled .  We have learned when dealing with orphanages to ask the needs and the wants rather then just bringing what we think they would like.  This year since we would not be having parties in some of the orphanages we contacted them and asked what the kids wanted .  So along with their individual gifts we packed, they got a special gift of their choice.  For the treatment center it was a new couch for the common room . 

Over at the Chui orphanage they wanted a big mirror ... I thought thats right up their with a ball of string hahhaa but if its a mirror they want , it is a mirror they will get.   

of course we did not stop there.  They each got a personal gift as well. 

It is not un common for people to bring candies and cookies to the orphanages during the Christmas and new years holidays , so we have focused more on some fresh fruit this year . 

We are holding back about 30% of  the budget for each orphanage so that we can bring another large delivery of fresh fruit around the first or second week of January .  

Next up , Kamala and our Bishkek team are shopping today for another home orphanage that we help out from time to time and that often visit the farm. Photos to follow soon . 


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