Sunday, December 06, 2020

Meet them where ever they are.

We hear a lot of talk about the need to close the orphanages, and how damaging it is to kids in the long run .. however growing up in the
dump or on the streets is too!   As governments work toward a solution, we want to meet those kids where ever they are , not just in the orphanages, but in the dumps, on the streets and the ones who's parents are struggling to provide a home for. That is why we include them in the Christmas blessings every year .. $5 in the right hands can make a world of difference.    

a young girl stashing her Christmas gift with the rest of her belongings after celebration Christmas in the dump 

 Another group of kids that we include every year is the children from the blind society.  Every year we have a huge party, That way we are able to provide for more kids for less money.  This year we will have to avoid the large gathering and be more individual with the gifts .. that means that we will need sponsors for all of them .. about 400 kids .. at $5 a child, we will need $2000 just for the blind society .  If you think you can help with this, why not sponsor a few kids right now .. just follow the donate link at the top right side of the blog . 

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