Thursday, December 31, 2020

The last deliveries of 2020

This is not only the last coal delivery of the year, it is the last of our coal .  This Young man below is active helping with kids who are in a bad situation.  Another one of those people who gives from his "lack" in fact it was not even  him who shared his need, but another friend who told us about him ... So today he received coal, fire wood and groceries. 

Like I said this is the last of our coal. We have placed another order a while back, and we are hoping for it to arrive before the 10th. That will give us a bit of time to raise some more coal funds to cover it .  I have discussed with Vlad and we are concerned about shortages so we will double our order.  We have estimated that we will need $2500 for coal and $2000 for food hampers for January.  

Just in time for new years, they have been delivering special food hampers, not just to those who are out of food, but we wanted to bring a special JOY and blessing to some of the more quiet behind the scenes faithful friends who we know.   Its been too long since we have greeted with a hug,  especially with 7000 miles between us not just six feet !  Today it brings me joy to send a virtual hug.


Once the rest were all delivered and cared for, it was time to focus on many of those that work along side us all year long.  People like the mechanic who keeps our cars on the road, the truck driver who helps with coal and large food deliveries, our neighbors who are always there to help if called on.  And others like Tanya, Vera, Olga, Vlady & Tatyana, Israr, Sergey as well as our workers in Bishkek.   For this group, Vlad got some help from his son to pack some special hampers with some extra special celebration treats . 


So on that note, let us take this time to wish you all a very happy new year .

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