Monday, November 30, 2020

By way of a kind heart !

Beauty  over the green house on the farm 

Winter  has slid down the mountain and is settled in.  Cold days and colder nights for the next few months.  Growing up in Canada I know what it is like to be cold .  I also know the feeling of desperation putting the last stick of wood in the fire on a cold night, but then having a truck pull up to the door with a load of wood and a box of groceries ..  I have experienced first hand the relief that comes by way of a kind heart.   

Maybe this is why I feel so blessed that we can be a blessing to others and facilitate these blessings .  The boys on the farm are able to bag 100 bags of coal a day... And tomorrow. About 40 of them will be delivered to the family that Vera is helping.  

This morning I got an email from Vera .  This is what she writes .

sent Today at 6:27 AM

Vera  sent Today at 6:27 AM

This is a family in the house now . Today they were visited, they took the children to our school, and tomorrow the studies begin. We bought them a kettle and shoes for the boy. Mom was taken to the dentist, her tooth was removed. Thank God, with your help and support, we can help this family and support them. Thank you very much.

 So much can be accomplished by way of a kind heart!

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