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actofkindness Christmas Wish Book

One of my favorite memories as a kid was the day that the Christmas wish book would arrive .  I would pour through the book of dreams and circle things I would like, put a marker in the page, and maybe bend down the corners all to make it obvious to my parents what I now knew I could not live with out . 
I look back at those times and I realized how sheltered I was to the world around me .. The greatest hard ship was that I had to eat all my food because there were children starving in Africa ..  and some how the only way I could help them was by eating my lima beans! 

Well fortunately the world has gotten a lot smaller and I can actually make a difference, and NO it does not involve eating the lima beans.   Today we can parous through many different Charity Wish Books and make a real difference in the lives of the less fortunate.  Have a look at some of the ways  we  can bless others here at actofkindnelss.  

Gifts for $5 

One of our most popular and helpful gifts is a bag of coal.  The average family would use about 30 bags of coal over the winter.  That means that even one bag of coal could keep a family from freezing for 4 or 5 days . 

A Christmas party celebration is an incredible way to show an orphanage that they are not forgotten and that they have value.  Food treats, a small gift and some form of entertainment from movies and skits to maybe a clown show ... We change it up each year , but in the end, it averages out to aprox. $5 a child.  our goal this year is 1200 kids  .....COVERED.....

Gifts for $10

The gift of life ! This is a new one for us this year.  As we have been working with the field hospitals and the medical professionals, we have found that the life saving medication to help the worst cases of Covid runs about $10 for the treatment .. This means that with out financial help , many who are already struggling simply will not receive it .  One round or $10 can save a life.

As the winter moves down the mountain, many with no homes to stay warm are put at risk .. most common is frost bite . By providing socks and mittens we can literally save fingers and toes .. Not bad for $10 

Gifts for $15

Just imagine being homeless or very poor living in a cold home , and someone comes and gives you a warm fleece blanket.  $15 each  would make it possible for workers and others we work with to carry some blankets with them to be able to but a warm blanket on someone in need through the cold winter.  

Flour is the base of almost every meal .. not just breads and pasta's it is used in almost everything ..  We include a bag of flour in all the food hampers, but just think how great it would be to bring a family a full sack of flour .. $15 can make that possible 

Gifts for $20

 We have been giving out food hampers to families that are struggling with the economic fall out of the covid.  As we come up to Christmas we would like to put together some special hampers for Christmas .. maybe add the ingredients for a celebration meal and some cookies and candies.. just $20 could make this gift an extra special one. 

I can remember a long time ago we were talking to a group of students and asked what it was that was motivating them to get a good education .. The first one to answer was a young girl that said that she dreamed of one day being rich enough that she could have some rice with her meal EVERY DAY ... Well for $20 we can purchase a big bag of rice that we can give to students, and make some dreams come true.
Vitamins are a great gift and soooo appreciated.  In North America they supplement our nutrition, but for many in Kyrgyzstan they can be the main source of nutrition.  Vitamins are extra important at this time with things like Covid and TB claiming lives.  We asked the director of one of the orphanages if she noticed a difference when we provided them vitamins .. she told us that with vitamins, the kids stoped eating the paint on the side of the buildings.... For $20 we can provide the best vitamins to suit a families needs  .

Here is a fun one .. Pizza Party .. Out at the farm They make awesome pizza, and they love it.  Pizza is a special meal that when the kids are having a hard day or when there is a birthday, we make pizza .. We also have provided pizza parties for some of the neighbors on special occasions. For a donation of $20 you can sponsor a pizza party for the form, or for a family that just needs a reason to celebrate .  

Gifts for $50 

Every fall we bring young men and women to the bazaar to get some winter clothes .  Some need coats, some need boots, some its hats and gloves , and some need it all.  They save up their salary money through the summer for this shopping day.  They can be out fit with the cheapest and plainest but functional of everything for about $50 .  So we tell them that we will add $50 to their shopping budget and they are welcome to upgrade were ever they want and they can pay the difference them selves. That way they can take a little extra pride and be a little more individual in what they were, and at the same time we know that those new to the farm and those who have not been so good at saving will at least have the basics. It also teaches the benefits of hard work. 
Back by popular demand  Farm animals  
Every year we give people an opportunity to purchase some animals   some times they go to the farm, and other times they go to families in need . Some times both .    Here is a list of some possible animals and what they are selling for right now . 
Chickens  $8,  Ducks  $10,  Geese $15,  Rabbits $15
Turkey $20,  Goats $70,  Sheep $150,  Calf $400
& Dairy Cow $1200

Gifts for $150

Vlad has been working on an outdoor adventure counseling program .. Using the Yurts and Kashar as a base camp, they will take groups up up to a dozen people up into the mountains for a week of teaching, training and getting InTouch with themselves, all while guided in a safe and caring environment.   The cost to set up this program is just $150 per participant for the sleeping bags, tents and other camping supplies. This is a one time purchase and will be able to be used for years to come  

Gifts for $200

Here is a great and practical gift.  Even when people bring donations to orphanages, what is desperately needed but often forgotten is cleaning supplies .. Laundry soap, dish soap, bleach and other basic cleaning supplies make a world of difference .. For about $200 we can bring a hole trunk load of these much needed supplies. 

Gifts for $400   

There are are about a dozen orphanages and children's homes that we are in contact with and bring food supplies from the farm to.  Things like produce, honey and meat all from the farm. What we do not have is many of the other staples .. rice , flour, oil, salt, Kasha to name a few.  A full truck load of these other groceries can be purchased and delivered for $400.  

If you would like to purchase anything from the catalogue for a friend or loved one. you are welcome to down load this certificate to add to their card . Just right click on the image and then choose "Save image as  " 

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