Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Update from the farm.

We have been working hard getting the farm ready for people to start moving in.  We have a 10 day window here before Vlady returns and the hospital clinic construction starts up again , so we wanted to make the most of this time.   The first thing needed was an outhouse. the hole was dug on the weekend, then the last couple days we have been working on the building.  It has been interesting for the neighbors as well .  They have even come over and introduced them selves , and asked why we are building such a big outhouse.    We have tried to make it a little more western friendly with a sit down toilet. For a house warming gift, Julie and I decided to get them this portable sink .  it has a water storage bin up top, and a bucket under the sink .. providing running water to wash your hands . 


The other important thing we needed before we start moving in is to have a good heat source and cooking surface.   The stove did not have a top to it so we brought my griddle from the house and modified the stove to fit it .. we cleaned out the stove and chimney today and bought a small bag of coal and fired it up.. it burned great ... so I guess we are all set. 

I stopped for a bit of a break at one point today and this happened ... the rabbit and the puppy coming over for a visit is one thing , but the little ducks donèt even belong to us ,, they see us arrive and come running , all you have to do is sit down and they are there for a visit ..

We have a small court yard that was over grown.  Emma was trying to do some grass pulling , and attracted some attention as well 6 ducks, 3 rabbits and a puppy .. all under feet the whole time she was working .. Emma loves it ..

So now we have reached the point where we are ready to start bringing some furnishings , mattresses , blankets etc. We want to get one room done and set up, then we can do the rest of the work as funds become available, as well we want to have those living at the farm to be the ones to do the work as part of their room and board as well as learning skills . 

Before we can continue, we think it is important to have the right person living at the farm, every day we are concerned when we pack up and leave that our little friends might not be there when we return. As well we need someone that can help with those who come to experience life on the farm. 

We were discussing this on the way home today , and we were not home for 10 minutes when Jengish got a call.  It was Acelbeck .  Acelbeck is a graduate of the rehab program that Jengish had managed for several years .  He is a master at farming, a very hard worker, and is still sober,   We had heard about the farm, and tomorrow morning he will be moving in .  This is so cool .. we to have had a history with him and many of you have helped him in the past .. You may remember this 

Here are the links to his story from last year

Who knew then that not only would he survive the accident, but he would fully recover, and return to join us in our quest to help others like him.

So tomorrow  Baktagul has the day off school, and she and Kamala will join us, and we will move Acelbeck into the house and help him get settled.

This is very exciting for us because we have seen his gardens when he was at the rehab center, he will be such an asset as we move forward with the Food Share program.  To see more about that program, click on this link or go to the food share button at the top right of this blog .

FOOD SHARES from the farm . is a great way to support those at risk with work, training and a positive plan for the future, and at the same time provide fresh produce throughout the year to so many in need.

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