Thursday, October 30, 2014

22 "Food Shares from the farm" sold to date 78 to go ..

22 food shares sold to date .. 

We are so excited about this, food shares from the farm will provide fresh produce delivered weekly the entire growing season to so many in need,  orphanages, seniors home, families in need, students, and the homeless.... to read more or see who will be receiving food shares , go to this link   100 share total will be sold for $60 each .  

Food shares benefit in other ways as well. 

- provide food and salaries for young adults who have just come out of the orphanage system and require more support and training so they are not living on the streets.  On the farm they will receive skills training, and become part of the family. 

- provide a safe home to re-start a life after successfully completing a rehab program 

- Guys from the farm will be community minded, and  provide labor support for those in need free of charge .. seniors, single moms, or any one struggling to do it alone. 

- . people have begun asking  to come to the farm, simply to visit and hold the animals and take some pictures, as well we have found great benefit to bringing the animals to the orphanages and seniors home for a visit .. there is nothing like snuggling with a cute little bunny to relax a person.. young and old , Men women , they all love the time spent with the animals.

We have sold 22 shares and have 78 to go, but  there are other ways you can support the farm and all those it helps.  As I said, food shares will go to food and salaries, and expenses directly related to growing crops.  We rely on separate designated donations to renovate , and expand the animal base of the farm.  You can go to this link to see what some of those needs might be.   

Maybe you would like to purchase food shares from the farm, or any other designated item as a Christmas present or Birthday present, or any other special event.   If you would like a Card sent from us to the recipient, just let me know and we would be pleased to mail a personalized card with a photo from the farm with a special thanks from all of us . 

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