Monday, October 27, 2014

Winter hits Tokmok,,, people still with out coal

We woke up to this 

All the warning signs were there,  the bitterly cold breeze rolling down out of the mountains at night, the white snow caps moving lower and lower every day, and the worry wrinkles on the faces of so many.  This is the final warning for us.  Next is the bitter cold when people start to suffer and die.     This morning it  was announced  that  the  city will turn on the heat today.  This is great news for those of us in apartements, but does not help so many in homes and shelters.
   We still have, families, the seniors home and the farm that is in need of coal. I want to purchase it next week, so we need your help now so that I can get the money transferred in time.  we need a total of 30 tons of coal, including delivery , we are looking for $2400 to make it through the winter . please consider how you can help. maybe sponsor even one ton ($80)  then watch the blog Tuesday the 4th of November to see the deliveries. 

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