Friday, October 24, 2014

and then there were 2

Today turned out to be just intermittent drizzle in the morning.  This worked out well since we still had a bit more cement to do to finish the clinic. Acelbeck came out from the farm to help, ad Sasha was there again.   We have been concerned about Sasha, he is a good hard working boy, and working hard to keep his past behind him.  Yesterday  he could not start work until afternoon as his head was hurting in the morning .  It turns out that the day before on his way home from work, he was beat up by some other kids .. I am not sure if it was an ethnic thing , or just that he was walking alone in a bad neighborhood, something that he could not avoid because that's where he lives.  Even at the best of times that is not a good situation.  Both Jengish and I had been thinking that maybe he should come and live at the farm .  Yesterday on the way home Jengish talked with Acelbeck, and he too thought that maybe the farm would be a better place for Sasha.  

Today after work Jengish and Acelbeck spoke to him, and shared their concern for him, and told him that the farm was there, and could be a "safe place " for him when ever he needed it.   It turns out that the building he is living in is being shut down and everyone is evicted.. they have just 10 days to leave, already there is no longer heat, electricity or water.   Sasha was very pleased with the idea.  We told him that there is not much there right now, no furniture or anything , but there is a warm bed, coal for the fire, running water , electricity, and we could feed him .  he will have some chores to do each day , and the bus ride is only 20 minutes into Tokmok for work, and will pick him up and drop him off right at the door.    He came out with us tonight to see, and was quick to say yes .. It was something to see, his smile went from a polite smile to a soft relaxed at peace smile .. he stood in the barn with us , and as he hugged one of the rabbits, you could see and feel the presence of that  "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE" 

Funny thing .. today the chickens lays 2 eggs for us rather then the usual 1. 

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The Chickens "get it", Johnny.

PR - Brantford