Saturday, October 11, 2014

And so the work on the farm begins

Today we took a drive out to the village to help Emma and Jengish clean up the new farm .. When I say new I mean OLD and when I say farm, well in this village the houses have a lot of land and most people have large market gardens . Jengish and Emma found an investor to help to purchase this land, and we will rent it from them for enough to cover the heat , power and financing .  We are so thankful to Give first miniseries for helping us with this until we are able to find sponsors .. some times you have to just take that leap of faith .. Give first understands that and  is making it possible. 

This farm will be a great place for a restart for those that did not get off to a great start the first time , People living on the streets, will have a place to go where they can be productive members of this farming family, and while they are developing stability in their lives , they will also learn different aspects of farm life, and the skills they will need to be successful on their own. 

The home needs so much work, but the potential is there.  There are a couple rooms that are in good shape, so we can bring people there right away, and work on the repairs over time .  Today we did a bit of yard work and cleaned out some of the out buildings.  Tomorrow we will start repairing the foundations. we will get the concrete work done  first while Vlady is away.. That way we can keep the boys working  while they are waiting to start again at the clinic.  When the team comes in a few weeks, we aillhave them come out and help us do some painting as well . We have a few windows that will need to be patched.. One day we will put in plastic thermal pain windows, but for now , duct tape and cardboard will do. 

I have included a bunch of pictures in this post so that you can see the beauty of the surroundings, and to potential of the farm. 
Emma and Jengish have a lot of work ahead of them, but they can see the potential here , and know that this will be a haven for many.  If you would like to help them with this project , you can donate using the links on the right .. We are also trying to find about $500 a month in monthly sponsorships to help them on an on going basis .  Just last night they were blessed to have another sponsor come on board to support them .  They are up to $80 a month.  We were all so excited .. watching this dream come true,  Please consider making a small monthly investment and then watch how it grows in the years to come  . 

the farm is at the base of this mountain 

this is the edge of the village 
The group of green trees you see is the village 
Jengishes brother helping clear brush from in front of the house 

the tree is trimmed back so the door can be used again 

Julie is having a little break, and dreaming of what is to come 

Jengish heading out with the saw to help his brother 

These little guys came to visit , and have taken a liking to Emma ..

This little puppy has decided this is a good home as well 

this is the garage and one of the out buildings 

Still some produce left in the garden 

you can see the sugar beats growing in the back ground 

The bathroom needs a lot of work, less to demolish before we re build it .. hay maybe Emma's Uncle Dan would like to come and put in a new bathroom for Emma .

one of the bed rooms from the outside 

Emma cleaning out the garage 

Jengish raking the court yard .. 

Jengishes brother hard at it 

the front door

Emma's new puppy .. she has to name it quick .. You know the rule on a farm.. Once it has a name you can't eat it . 

the back field of sugar beats 

a view of the mountains 

another mountain shot out the back yard 

visiting with one of the ducks that is calling this place home already 
a view from over the back fence 

front yard all cleaned up .. in time we will get a new fence here 

Not a lot of cars in the village , but lots of horses 
AS you can see , the work has started, and we are really trusting now that others will join us in the great project .  

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