Thursday, October 02, 2014

Seniors day

Yesterday was seniors day here in Kyrgyzstan, and thanks to many of you we were able to bring a little cheer to our friends at the Kemin Seniors home .  First we had a few seniors close to our home that Emma and the girls have been helping 

along with a little gift, Emma has been helping Buba Anya to clean her house in hopes that her son will stop beating her .
 Then it was on to the seniors home .  They were excited to see us , one of the Babushka's was spending her days waiting at the window for her family to come and visit her .

Slowly they began to filter into the living room to receive their gift and have a little visit 

look at the ladies laughing in the back ground with Sergey and Anya .. what joy 

all the tables set and ready for a great celebration 

in the infirmary they were thrilled as well to see us and get a little gift  

as soon as we came into the room , this babushka started bouncing on her bed and clapping , she was so glad to see us 

She loves Emma 

Our old friend here has lost his vision over the last year, but as soon as he heard Kamala's voice , he remembered her and called out My Kamala .  The gift was nothing compared to the gift of the visit for him ,,

at least they are warm 

speaking of warm ,, here is the load of coal that we sent out a few weeks ago.  we still need another 10 tons ( $800) to get through the winter .  please join us in praying for this need to be met. 

still waiting for family to come 

Jengish bringing in the basket full of gifts 

everyone coming in to the living room for a visit 

one of the cooks getting ready for the celebration... she loves her new uniform that was from some nurse friends in Canada 

still waiting for her family .. I sure hope the come visit her soon.

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