Thursday, October 23, 2014

A visit to the seniors home

So often Jengish and Emma talk about the calming influence of animals on the farm. Although we are focusing on the Food Shares from the farm as the principal method of fundraising to cover the bills, the farm is much more then that.  The farm will have a wide variety of animals as well.  Along with raising animals as a working for profit farm, the animals that we are raising, have a therapeutic purpose as well.  For the "workers" on the farm, the animals will help them to understand love and caring for another .. something that many of them may never have experienced before.  

When we were going to the bazaar last week, we where talking about what to get, and Acelbeck shared that he really likes geese.  you should have seen the grin on his face when we came home with a pair of geese.    We have had the rabbits to visit the orphanage, and watched as the kids took turns with the bunnies.. We have even had families call Jengish already asking if the can bring their kids to the farm to spend time with the animals.. so it is looking more and more like the petting farm will be a significant part of what the farm will have to offer.    
Yesterday, we decided to pack up the bunnies and head out to the seniors home for a visit .  We have hand made cloth gift bags that were made for us , and they were the perfect size for the bunnies, it helped them to feel secure and at the same time was added protection from "accidents" .
From the moment we got there, it was amazing to see how they all connected, I was starting to think we may not get them back.   Here are a few photos from the visit. 

The man could not see or hear very well, and is very week, but he enjoyed laying there and petting the bunny  and playing with his ears 

while the bunnies made the rounds, these four sat the whole time with their new friend .  In the video below you can see a cute little conversation with one of the babushka's and her bunny .

"OH I see you looking at me .. your tricky "
"soon you will have to go "
"you will go to your owners and they will look after you "

this man loved his bunny, and decided to go for a walk with him, fortunately we corralled him back before he got too far 

Victor shared with us all about looking after rabbits , he used to raise them when he was a younger man .

she is confused and agitated, but loved the feel of the bunny on her face.

After a long hard days work, the bunnies had a nice nap with Bekah when they got home. 

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