Friday, October 17, 2014

plans interrupted ..

Early this morning our young friend Amir came to our house with some news.  The Cooking school that he wants to go to says that he can start right away, so we was wondering if we could help to find him a sponsor.  We were going in to Bishkek today, so Bekah was going to go to the school and see if we could start with a deposit and pay the rest when we had sponsorship arranged.

We were bringing Larissa to the Dr.  she has a very bad back , she is going to need several treatments as well as some xrays and an eeg before they can even start .. We will post more about this tomorrow ... any ways , sailing down the road and BANG... our radiator blew apart.. so we flagged down a bus and the girls headed on with out me and I called Jengish for a tow to the garage.

So with the car at the garage, I went wit Emma and Jenjish out to the farm.. it is only about 10 minutes from the mechanic.  The rabits were happy to see me , and I was able to bring a little treat for them  

The house repairs are coming along great,  the old crumbling cement has all been removed 

Mesh and the first coat of cement has been put into the holes, 

and he has begun the final parging on part of the wall... that is where he ran out of sand.. we will need to get a load for him delivered tomorrow 

On one of the out buildings, he has done a little bit of stone work to see if we would like that .. we think it looks great , and would look really good.  Jengish is thinking that this building would make a great Banya  ( sauna / bath room )

the room that the girls painted yesterday was looking a little rough when we left, it did not seem to cover well, but as it dried, it turned out great , we added a couple carpets , and the first room is ready .. Acelbek says that he had a great sleep .  I feel better knowing that his room is clean and warm, and that all the facilities are there .  

already we have others that have contacted Jengish and asked if they too can come live and work on the farm.. For the time being we will have to hold off until we sell a few more shares in the "FOOD SHARE on the farm" program ..We have to be sure that we can keep food in their bellies, so getting this whole farm thing up and off the ground is going to be a bit of a balancing act,,  our goal is to sell 10 more shares by the end of the month.    Daily I am amazed as we see this all come together , and have no doubt that very soon , others can begin their new life . 

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