Monday, October 20, 2014


Every day we are in awe with the view on the way to the village .. the green strip of trees you see at the base of this mountain is the little farming village where the farm is .  if you go up to the right  side of the mountain you come to the hot springs, and if you go to the left  you come to the water falls, go one more mountain cut to the left, you will find Jengish and Emma's grain/ hay field, and up in that mountain is the cow barn that we provided a micro loan for, and where we will be keeping our cows as part of the payment plan.  .. one day I will put up a little map.  

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Two workers are spending the night at the farm now .  they are doing a great job. at this rate, there will be no trouble having all the foundations repaired by winter .  The only thing slowing them down is the little ducks from next door.. all day they are pestering them , checking out everything they do and everything they touch.. actually , I think he likes it .

We found a water feeder today for the chicken run , they were about $5 so we got just one and will wait to get more as needed as the farm grows.  It hangs from the rafters so that it will stay clean  

The geese spent the whole day in the water bucket out side today ,  Jengish moved the food tray over so that they  could eat and drink at the same spot , not relay intending for them to do this ... I think Mr goose thinks he is at the spaw.

They guys are almost finished harvesting the sugar beets now.  They have left a lot of tops.  This is great food for the rabbits, so we started bringing them in to pile up in the corner of the barn to feed for the next couple months.   The rabbits see us with them and come running.

Not all the animals are at the farm.. Bekah thinks that the bunnies should have some home time with her. so she will take turns bringing a different  one home each time she goes... this deal is to be renegotiated on a daily basis.

Meet Kadyusha today's bunny 
Tonight is Sabira's birthday so we are home early to get changed and ready to go for a party there.

Vlady called, He is back from Turkey now and the work will start at the hospital again tomorrow morning .  The farm has everything it needs to keep rolling for about a week now so we will be able to focuse on the hospital again.. Also Tomorrow Emma and Jengish will take Aiperie to the city to pick up the rest of her sewing stuff so that she can start making the jackets for us .

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