Thursday, October 16, 2014

puzzled but content

We feel so blessed to be in Kyrgyzstan . I think that is must be one of the most beautiful places on the earth .. every day a new sight.  Not just the scenery, but the people.. it can all take your breath away . 

If I am truly honest, I would have to admit that even after 11 years in central Asia  I don't think a day goes by that there is not something that happens that leaves me confused, bewildered, bemused , puzzled,or maybe perplexed, baffled, mystified, maybe even muddled or dumbfounded.  you might say taken aback or even clueless , at times chaotic or tops-turvy might best describe the feeling .   I often describe life here as trying to do this puzzle. 

There is a clear understanding of what is supposed to happen, but for some reason you feel that all the clues are missing.. But we know that if we just preserver, we will see all the pieces come together .    Things that we might think would be simple like getting some coal for the seniors home, leads us to this .. theres the coal , now how do you get it , how do you load your truck, how do you get it delivered.... I can't even tell anyone the address of the seniors home .. in fact I always get the word for senior mixed up with the word for a gun..  

Often Julie will ask me a question, and I will respond " I don't know" she will then ask , "well did you ask" to which I will simply reply "No" "Why Not?" she will enquirer to which I will respond .. " WE DON"T WANT TO KNOW" 

Today we needed some paint for the farm..This is something that I have learned , and was able to go and purchas a little bag of white rocks , because we all know thats how you make paint.. We then took them home and put them into a pail of water and this happened 

You see this no longer upsets or concerns me , it is like slowly the picture is starting to appear on the pieces of the puzzle   I am starting to get it .. is this the new norm ? 

Life here can be difficult and a lot of work, exhausting, consuming, depleting, draining, but in the end it is worth it when we start to see the pieces of that puzzle come together , and the picture begins to emerge , and we see the impact we are having in the lives of those around us.

 thats not to say that we dont still come across the unexpected from time to time , that seems to be peeking out at us when we least expect it .

This last few weeks we have watched in amazement as a long time dream of Emma and Jengishes has started to take shape.  While in Canada, Jengish spoke out what that dream was, with in moments a friend of ours came to him and said that she saw his vision and would like to be part of that , the pieces of the puzzle started to become clear.  Then our friend at Give First Ministries made a commitment to help with the rent for this project .. Andy saw past the dream and the hear and now,  when he saw the puzzle, he saw more then the blank pieces, he could envision what it was to look like, and nows that once we start putting the puzzle together, others will begin to see what the finished puzzle will look like and come on board... 

the field for growing the animal feed was located and purchased 
Then a few weeks ago the farm itself was secured, and there you have it .. the farm is up and running , even then , every step as needed had fallen into place .  Just when we needed to hire the the live in farm hand,  one appeared , .. one that is part of the puzzle.. one that would not be here and alive today if some of you had not intervened last year .. but today is a perfect fit to the puzzle . 

With the farm hand hired, the farm expenses begin .. the first day he arrived, was the first investor purchasing 2 shares of the next harvest... enough to meet the current needs ..

This  puzzle is starting to come together and we are so excited.. as we step out in faith, its nice to know that although we do not always get to see the big picture, we serve one who does.  

Some how I know that what He has in mind is and will be amazing , astonishing, astounding, stunning stupefying and breathtaking ...

There is room for so many more to join this vision , why not come along with us and experience the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living ... what ever that looks like . 

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