Saturday, October 18, 2014

ready for the chickens on the farm

Back to the farm again.  We had to get some more sand , Acelbeck had used the sand we brought him already, so we found a big truck to bring us a load.. it was harder then we thought , there were no trucks to be found so we went to the coal yard.. there they were ,about 150 trucks all waiting to be loaded with coal.   We found one that could deliver in the afternoon, so we picked up 10 bags to keep him busy until the truck arrived.  as you can see he used 7 bags this morning .  you can see he already has one wall finished,  6 more to go .

Tomorrow morning is the Bazaar day so we will be going to see if we can find a Babushka trying to sell her chickens .  We want to get about half a dozen right away so that the guys staying at the farm will have fresh eggs every day.   so today we picked up some more mesh to build a chicken run and a pen inside .  We also bought a skill saw here for about $40.. we have blisters on blisters from cutting everything with a small hand saw, I am sure with the amount of work we have ahead it will get well used.  

the pen will hold geese ( Acelbeck has asked for a goose , he likes them) , and Jengish wants some ducks, and of course we need chickens, so now we are all set .. the pen is about 8 feet by 10 feet, and has a small door at ground level to get out to the big pen .  it also has three roosts that could hold about 30 chickens ,

outside the pen will go the full length of the barn so that we can let the sheep and goats out from their pens as well .  

Stopped to check on the car on the way home,  The radiator is completely shot so he has ordered a new one .. looks like it will be about $100 to fix.  Too bad it did not sell last week hahaha.    

We had some very exciting news this morning , 10 more shares sold for the "Food shares from the farm " so it happens, tomorrow we will have one more "worker" join us. for a few days , and possibly another one permanently  .. 

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