Sunday, November 24, 2013

How does it happen ?

How does it happen that a person can have a job, a home and his health, and in a mater of seconds become Jobless , homeless and a crumpled mess... 

Jengishes friend here was having a hard time smiling for this picture.   Let me tell you a little of his story .      He came to Kyrgyzstan as a political refugee from Uzbekistan some time ago.   Life here was off to a rocky start , and he ended up in the treatment center that Jengish was the director of.   There he got his life in order , and committed to a new way of life.  After the center he found a good job, one that provided him with a comfortable place to live as well. 
   Yesterday our friend was simply crossing the street to buy some bread, and a speeding car hit him and took off.   Along with several cuts and bruises,  he has some internal injuries like a broken collar bone .  
  The treatments are $200 more then he has , and un able to work, he will not only loose his job , but his home that comes with it . 
  Battered and bused, broke jobless  and homeless .. this time he called out to Jengish rather then the bottle ... 
  His emediate need is $200 for medical expenses , and Jengish will see what he can do to help him keep his job and stay living where he was .. Jengish says that if anyone would like to help him with this , he sure would appreciate it .. 

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